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"I lost 131 pounds just by breathing!"

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      by Brenda Kearns and Karen Ross





"The fat just falls off". . . says Lisa Stoll, who dropped 131 lbs in 11 months!



The oxygenating techniques that are better than a diet pill!

Simply by increasing the amount of oxygen flowing through your lungs, you'll expel up to 70 percent of the fat-trapping toxins in your body.  If you maximize the oxygen reaching your gut, you'll double your absorption of fat-burning nutrients.  And if you rebalance your pH, you'll burn more stored fat for fuel.

While the biochemical chain reaction above is complex, getting the slimming benefits isn't.  The techniques here will bathe every cell in your body in oxygen.  And unlike diets of old, the results kick in immediately!

It worked for me!
"I lost 131 pounds just by breathing!"
As Lisa Stoll struggled to push the stroller the last stretch back to her home, she vowed not to walk so far next time.  She needed a break, but she knew she wouldn't get one.  What if my weight eventually makes me too tired to care for my baby? she worried.

After diets failed, Lisa found a miracle: Oxycise.  "I'd never given breathing a second thought, but once I did, I felt a surge of energy.  I didn't need to nap when my baby did!"

Lisa lost 41 pounds in three months and 131 pounds in one year.  Now pregnant again, she's still Oxycising.  "It will keep me fit and help me lose the baby weight!" she says.

It worked for me!
"I lost all the baby weight -- and then some!"
Posing for family photo after her daughter's baptism, Cherisse Smyser felt on top of the world.  With her beautiful baby, family and friends by her side and wearing a new outfit, she was beaming.  But later when she saw the developed pictures, she was shocked by how she looked.  "Months had passed since the delivery, so I could no longer blame those pounds on baby weight."

Deciding she finally needed to get healthy for her family, Cherisse turned to Oxycise.  "I was skeptical that breathing could help me lose weight, but I needed a workout I could do at home without a lot of equipment," she explains.  So she did the techniques every evening and in the car during her morning commute.  Soon, she dropped 40 pounds.  "I never would have thought something so simple could help me lose weight, but it did!"

It worked for me!
"I dropped 68 pounds in five months!"
Lynnda Coyle had banned full-length mirrors from her home, so the sight of her body in a photo was a shock.  "I didn't even recognize myself," Lynnda recalls.  "I thought, There's no way I'm that fat, but pictures don't lie.  I knew then that I had to change."

So Lynnda bought an Oxycise video.  "My first impression was that it could never work.  the people in the video weren't even sweating."  But she gave the program a try and felt a difference immediately.  "I realized how shallow of a breather I was," she says.

Lynnda Oxycised six days a week, and in five months she lost 68 pounds, 31 inches and three pant sizes!  "I have tons of energy now," she says.  "I even sleep better!"


Shift Your body into metabolic overdrive with this simple breathing exercise
It might seem silly to relearn how to breathe, but the following breathing pattern helped study subjects burn 140 percent more calories than riding a stationary bike!  "We now know that breathing, like aerobics, is a true fat-burning exercise," says nutritionist Marc David.  "If you want to lose more weight, you have to take in more oxygen!"

The proven strategy: 15 minutes of breathing exercises daily.  (These can be done in 5-minute sessions.)  This technique, called Oxycise, can be performed in any position, as long as you focus on your breathing the entire time.

   Step 1 - Inhale   
Breathe in fully and quickly through your nose, relaxing your stomach and face so you can take in as much air as possible.

    Step 2 - Lift    
While holding your breath, tighten your abdominal muscles to pull in and lift your belly.  (Placing your hands on your tummy can help guide you.)

  Step 3 - Tilt and Squeeze    
Tilt your pelvic area in and up.  (Your shoulders should be slightly rounded.)   Squeeze and lift up your buttocks ever so lightly.

    Step 4 - Exhale       
Breathe out with resistance (as if blowing through a straw).  Keep your head up and your shoulders relaxed, but do not relax your butt and belly until you've finished exhaling.


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