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Comments from Health Professionals

Teri Havener, Fitness Director

"Dear Jill Johnson,
I am writing to tell you about the program I am running using Oxycise! and the great success my classes have experienced.

"My name is Teri Havener and I am an AFAA certified fitness instructor. I have personally worked out for 20 years and have worked in the fitness industry 10 years. I currently run the fitness department at On Top of the World, a large retirement community in Ocala, Florida. We have 25 pieces of Nautilus equipment, 10 treadmills, bunch of bikes, some free weights and a large array of fitness classes to chose from including; Tai Chi, Aquasize, 3 different levels of aerobics classes, etc.

"I first heard about Oxycise! from residents last summer. They brought me the Oxycise! ad from the Parade section of our local newspaper; the Ocala Star Banner. It made pretty big claims about weight loss. People seemed interested, so I decided to put it to the test. I organized a class around the Level One Oxycise! Program. In November, I trained 150 people to do Oxycise!. Breaking it down into groups of 20-25, we weighed and measured everyone. I explained thoroughly the breath and we practiced it together. Next, we went through the positions slowly giving everyone a chance to ask questions along the way. Working with seniors, my guidance gave them a better grasp of what they’re doing and confidence. After the initial training, they had 3 opportunities daily to view the Level One workout tape. I usually do the class with them and help with the cueing. Some were discouraged by the quick pace and felt they couldn’t keep up. I encouraged them to keep trying and not to worry about getting every little sniff or puff.

"In February, we weighed and measured everyone again. The results were not dramatic, though almost everyone lost some weight and inches. Take into consideration we conducted this experiment through the Holidays.

"What’s amazing are the other health benefits. Included is a copy of our community paper. On page 8 is an article I wrote about our results from the Oxycise! program (phase I). It will tell you about some of our impressive results. [See article below]

"Because of that article I had to schedule 6 more training sessions, so far. That’s another 150 people and we’re already getting results from the February 20th training group. One woman hasn’t slept more than 2 hours at a time for 8 years. She has tried to get help from doctors, sleeping clinics, even hypnotists, but nothing has worked. Well, the night before last she slept for 6 hours, a new record for her. A diabetic man was taking 6 insulin shots a day. After one week of Oxycise he is down to 4 shots a day.

"I hate to start the day without Oxycise. It wakes me up and gets me ready for the day. I think clearer and definitely have more energy. I feel firm through the waist and lower abdominal area. The staff and the residents of On Top of the World and myself are truly enjoying your program. Thanks!"

Teri Havener
On Top of the World, 
Fitness Dept.
Ocala, FL 

"The World News/On Top of the World"
Health & Fitness 
Article by Teri Havener

I am very pleased to share with you the results of our Oxycise! experiment. 
“Oxycise! experiment? What’s Oxycise?” Please allow me to explain. 

Oxycise! is a new exercise program that combines a deep breathing pattern with relatively easy isometric, toning and stretching exercise. It’s a 15-minute program to be done daily. The exercise positions are standing, sitting on the floor and using the wall. The positions may be modified so you don’t have to get on the floor. There isn’t any aerobic activity involved—no running, jumping or constant movement. The idea is to increase the oxygen level in your system to speed up your metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

The advertisements made some incredible claims: “36 lbs. loss in two months, 15 lbs in three months.” One woman claims to have lost 142 lbs. Jill Johnson, the creator of the program, claims to have lost 45 lbs. in six months. 

I was skeptical, but residents kept asking me about the program. I decided, let’s put it to the test. I trained almost 150 people to do the program through November. We weighed and measured everybody. On Feb. 6 we weighed and measured again. Unfortunately, only about 30 came back for the second measuring. Some chose to do the program at home. I’m not aware how they have progressed. Weight loss was not dramatic over all. Almost all lost at least a couple pounds, some more. I suppose that’s not too bad considering this experiment was conducted over the holiday season. I was more impressed by the inches lost, particularly in the lower abdomen and hip area. Even more impressive were some of the other health improvements. Everyone seems to agree that they have more energy. Some commented that they didn’t feel as good on days they skipped Oxycise! People with sleeping disorders or difficulties completely eliminated the problem or saw great improvement. 

One gal with lymphodema saw a lot of improvement. Swelling in her arm had gone down. Her doctor wanted to know what she was doing. So, she demonstrated some of the Oxycise! program. A test revealed that her blood oxygen level had gone up. Scientific proof!

I listen as they talked about their firmer abdomens, improved posture, flexibility and range of motion of their joints. Someone said that her chiropractor noticed that the shape of her body was changing and wanted to know what she was doing. Singers and those with breathing problems were able to get more air. Someone else said she used to get cramps in her calves all the time. Not any more! It made me realize I used to get a cramp in my left food during a certain stretch. Not any more! Several people said their blood pressure went down. One man told me his blood glucose level had gone down from 130 to 103. Also, his cholesterol came down from 220 to 202. This has been the best report he has gotten from his doctor in years. Wow! I was amazed at what I was hearing. I asked the group if they were interested in continuing the program. A resounding “yes” came forth. 

South Walton Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.

"I am a physical therapist of 20 years and was just recently introduced to Oxycise! by one of my clients. I am thrilled with the program and I am utilizing it in the following ways….

1. Pain patients often hold their breath and shallow breathe which contributes to their pain. Improving their gas exchange reduces their acidic state and promotes an alkaline state thereby reducing pain. They report reduced pain and improved mobility with the 15-minute Oxycise! program.

2. I have cardio-pulmonary patients who lack energy due to poor oxygenation. They report improved energy and endurance after completing a 15-minute Oxycise! program.

3. Wheelchair bound patients who need to keep their lungs clear to prevent pneumonia have benefits from this program. I am in the process of introducing it to an Assisted Living Facility for their group exercise.

4. After a strenuous training program, I enjoy Oxycise! with my husband and report no muscle soreness and pain when using Oxycise! directly after strenuous muscular activity.

"I know that Oxycise! has been developed as a weight reduction program, however, as a therapist, I welcome the program to improve gas exchange, mobility, endurance and reduce pain and discomfort. Our Physical and Occupational therapy staff welcomes this program as an asset to our rehabilitation facility."

Jessica Monteleone RPT, President
South Walton Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Marci Lebowitz-Kurt,- Occupational Therapist

"I am an Occupational Therapist and treat patients with a variety of neurological and orthopedic challenges. I began to Oxycise! two months ago and began to notice significant improvement in my own system, so I began to suggest to certain patients that they try it. I have seen some incredible results. Many of the patients I have seen have been sedentary which has compounded their physical challenges. Doing Oxycise! they could easily implement the program and with the deep breathing, immediately began to see changes in their bodies and self-awareness. I have patients use the breathing technique during our stretching sessions to increase range of motion for tight joints, and found they progressed 50% faster. The most remarkable progress I have seen is with a patient who had a stroke two years ago, but had done absolutely nothing to exercise and was totally dependent on her husband for all her self-care skills. She began to do Oxycise! in the sitting position only and within two days she began to make huge gains. Prior to the Oxycise!, she could only sit upright without support for two minutes, within two days of Oxycise!, she could sit unsupported for 45 minutes without difficulties. Three week later she is able to play games on the computer, dress herself with minimal assistance, clean the bathroom, vacuum, make a sandwich or microwave food, go to the bathroom herself, etc. She has had a decrease in tone on the affected arm, as it is more relaxed. It seemed that she was lacking oxygen and when she began to breathe deeply and stretch/resist her muscles with Oxycise!, she blossomed open. Prior to this, she used to cry all the time because she couldn't do anything. I haven't seen her cry at all lately and she keeps holding my hand and thanking me profusely. Thank you for your wonderful program. I've really seen results!" 

Marci Lebowitz-Kurtz OTR/L
South Walton Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Dr. Robert W. Rigg, M.D.

"I have observed the positive and permanent results from Oxycise! for several years and definitely recommend it for anyone who desires to lose extra weight in an effective and safe manner."

Dr. Mark Akers

"If you want to reshape your body, increase your mental acuity, decrease your stress, or decrease your blood pressure, then I highly recommend Oxycise! as a program for you."

Ralph Carson Ph.D. R.D.
Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist
Huntsville, Alabama

“One of the things that I have to do as a professional is get people to make lifestyle changes.  There are lots of programs out there that work, but they’re not worth anything unless you get people to do them.  I looked into Oxycise, and this is a program that there’s no excuse not to do.  Whether you don’t have time, whether you’re traveling, whether you have certain conditions that prevent you from exercising, you can’t come up with an excuse not to Oxycise...

“Oxycise has so many benefits beyond just exercise.  It helps posture, it helps in terms of abdominal strength, and it helps in terms of stress reduction. You’re getting a lot more than just an exercise program...

“The main thing is to start and get into the habit of doing it. And once you get into the habit you’ll start to get results, and Oxycise! is the perfect program to do that.”

Dr. Tom Goode

"Oxycise! is a tremendously efficient way to raise your metabolic rate.  This, in turn, allows each of us to burn more calories."

Jan McCasland
Director, "A Fitness Experience"

"Jill's seminars at Fitness Experience are extremely popular. She is a real inspiration to the participants in that she truly represents what she teaches. Many participants have finally found the exercise plan that works for them and their lifestyles through Oxycise! What I have seen is that people who are resistant to traditional exercise will actually do Oxycise! and receive the benefits. I highly recommend the Oxycise! plan for people who truly want to take care of themselves."

Jan McCasland,
Evergreen, Colorado,
Director, "A Fitness Experience"

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