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Bob -- Age 75

"I'm totally blown away. It's been just under 2 weeks that I've been doing the Oxycise! program, and already 4 pounds and 2 inches around my belly are gone! My whole goal was to fit comfortably in my jeans, and already there is such a difference! 3 years ago I managed to lose close to 30 pounds just by changing some eating habits, but I also lost a lot of muscle as well. I got all excited and bought a bunch of 32 jeans since the 33's I had were falling off.

John -- Age 70

"Hey Julie
"I am a seventy year old male, and would like to express my thanks for the Oxycise! program.

"I am now working on Level Three of the 'Easy Does It' part of the program. I have been 'breathing' since December of '02, and have lost thirty pounds, and many, many inches.

Florence -- Age 80

Florence is an amazing lady and it has been a real delight to get to know her better and hear about her Oxycise! progress. Early in August Florence reported that she had just started doing "Easy Does It" Level 2 and said that she had lost an inch from her "front porch!" She also added:

"I find the best thing for me is the first thing in the morning, about an hour after breakfast and before I start out the busy day. If by any chance I have appointments then I try to do the Oxycise! at night about an hour after I have supper. It is not a really strenuous exercise program therefore I am not hopping all over the floor. Actually my knees have been better since doing Oxycise! because I have had arthroscopic surgery on them both.

Joann -- Age 67

Last summer I saw one of your ads in the Grand Forks, ND paper. I cut it out and when I got home I ordered the video tape, book and cassette tape. I'm 67 years old and wanted to lose about 5-7 pounds and couldn't take it off. I have been so happy with the Oxycise! video level one. Since August last year I've only missed about 15 days of not doing the level one. I have lost the 7 pounds, 2 inches off my waist and 2 1/2 inches off my hips. In November I was diagnosed with emphysema so the benefits are double for me.

Roger and Bea -- Ages 82 and 71

"Hi Julie,
Just wanted to let you know that we are still breathing, and very gratified at the two month results we have achieved.

"We got the "Spring Special", and have started Level 2 exercises. My husband , Roger, only does a few of them, or substitutes Level 1 exercises, or just breathes, because of his osteoporosis of the spine. At any rate, he continues to derive benefit.

"I find I have dropped 2 pounds this past month, even though I am within normal weight guidelines. The weight loss has come out of my legs and abdomen. What I really find great, is the increased flexibility in my legs and hips. A slight pain in my left hip when bending, has left since starting Level 2 exercises.

"I am pushing age 71 hard, and Roger is 82. This is and will continue to be a great program for us, pushing back the clock for us."

Roger and Bea Heidenreich

Tia -- Age 63

I am totally restricted due to surgery 3 weeks ago from ANY exercise or exertion. I panicked until I realized I could do the Oxycise! breathing in and of itself. I have been totally inactive, and very concerned about regaining weight and inches, but have held on all fronts and even lost a few pounds just doing the deep inhale with 3 extra puffs on the exhale. Amazing!! I am released by my doctor on Sept. 22 to resume exercise and can't wait to see the additional results. The bonus is that my doctor is amazed at my progress, very much of ahead of the projected prognosis, and I can only ascribe this to the benefits of keeping up with increased oxygen intake."

Tia from Washington,
Age 63

Becky -- Age 74

"Hi, Julie,
I'm 74 and have arthritis and have had trouble losing weight and finding an exercise I can do. I water walk three times a week and have regularly done 'Easy Does It' Oxycise! since May. I've really been watching what I eat and have lost 22 pounds and now weigh 120, which the doctor says is my ideal weight. My whole body is in much better shape - especially my stomach and hips (although I'm still working on them). I'll keep on both with Oxycise! and maintaining my weight. I don't want to gain that 22 pounds back.

"I really appreciate the 'Easy Does It' Oxycise! because it doesn't hurt and is exercise I can do regularly with arthritis.

"I have something to suggest that works for me: I got two bowls and 30 marbles. During the day as I do four reps of Oxycise!, I move a marble from one bowl over to the other bowl. It's surprising how fast they add up. Maybe I'm playing a game on the computer and when it's not my turn I'll do one or two reps; if I do some reps in the pool, I move the marbles over when I get home; in the morning when I go out to get the paper (in the fresh morning air); in the shower. I could go on and on. It's amazing many reps can be done without hardly know it.. I guess I've memorized all the 'Easy Does It' moves and have no trouble remembering them so my body gets a full work out every day.

"It's too bad more seniors don't know about Jill and the 'Easy Does it' Oxycise!"


Ginny -- Age 81

"It's been a long time since you have heard from me - - hope you haven't culled me out of your file!!!! I have been doing Oxycise! on and off for over a year or more (?) Don't remember just when I ordered all the materials - but finally this spring I was so disturbed that I was growing out of clothes and looking at a size 16 when I should be 10-12, I got real serious - - - haven't missed a morning with my level 2 tape - have lost 20 lbs and many inches, almost reaching my goal of 139 lbs and able to fit my size 12 's - I was aiming to be below 140 for my granddaughter's wedding on October 25th - almost there - 3 more lbs to go - - - - will be doing the 3 day cleanse for the next 2 weeks - have been eating according to your book - fruits and veggies - gave up my habit of munching of cheese cubes during the day - awful habit and need to drop my cholesterol readings and you know what? Don't even miss the stuff! - can't quite master the tape 2 perfectly - but I have a replaced right knee and a replaced left hip but I can certainly stretch a lot further than when I began - have the advantage of getting into the pool every day (almost) here in Florida and I have continued the water therapy given me after those surgeries - bicycling in the water and so on - also do the aqua jogging - but your newsletters are what have given me the motivation to keep on moving - I'm an early riser by nature and so am doing the tape first thing in the wee hours."

Ginny, Age 81


"Guess what? Reached my goal weight this week. 140 - just in time for granddaughter's wedding on the 25th (Saturday - heading for Atlanta tomorrow for the big time ) - no binging though - I've worked hard to get this far since July and I'm enjoying having people notice, so I feel sure I will not have to begin again - hope to just continue - in fact suitcase is still open so in the morning I can toss in the tapes!

"More next time and thanks so much for the encouragement - it sure helps hearing from you guys..."

Almost skinny Ginny
Age 81

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