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About Oxycise! Founder - Jill Johnson

photo_j_johnson.jpg (27661 bytes)Right from the beginning, her life was littered with comments like:

"Your legs look like Jello,"
"Jill, let's you and I go on a diet,"
"You look like a walking garbage can,"
"The only thing thin on you is your ankles," and
"Looks like you've had too many mashed potatoes."

When other teenagers were demonstrating the madcap physical prowess that comes with adolescence, Jill had already settled into a matronly routine with size 16 pants.

There was loneliness, isolation, embarrassment, and humiliation. There was also constant searching for a way out through diets, starvation, deprivation, spas, you name it. Coming from a family of physicians, there was also constant medical advice and prodding. Without knowing it, Jill Johnson had started on the personal quest that would save not only herself but thousands of people trapped by fat.

Over the course of many years, Jill, like most overweight people, experimented with lots of ways to lose the weight. In the short-term she often lost weight... just like many people do. However, the weight always came back, and usually more of it. Childbearing made the weight situation worse, just like it does for most women. But nothing kept the weight off. By this time, it was no longer a question of just looking better. Short-winded, her 5' 7" frame loaded with over 190 pounds, suffering from acute back pain, facing the prospect of surgery, there were major health issues. But where was the solution?

The first insight came in a Weight Watchers class (like millions, Jill was now in, now out of this multi-million member group). One day, looking at all the overweight people, people just like herself, all trying so hard and not succeeding, there was the crucial realization that unless her thinking changed about chronic weight and how to lose it, a lifetime's lack of results would continue. In other words, success was predicated upon a new way of approaching the problem of weight loss, not simply trying to improve methods which, for years, hadn't work...not just for herself but for the fat, unhappy people she saw around her.

Her friends were trying every conceivable method of losing weight, but weren't succeeding. They were buying into every kind of successfully marketed weight loss product, gadget or procedure, but they weren't losing weight. They were under the personal care of physicians... but that wasn't working either. In other words, one man-made solution after another was failing, and not just failing but exacerbating the problem.

The solution was to go back to basics... to go back to nature. To realize that quick fixes, instant results, and fat-loss procedures propelled by guilt just weren't going to work. The result was a bonfire of the vanities when the pills, diet foods and treats, plastic and metal machines and all the rest of a lifetime of weight reduction gimmicks were literally thrown away. It was an incredibly liberating experience... a true break from a lifetime of things that not only didn't work... but could never work!

Fat Oxidizes Into Carbon Dioxide

Destroying the fat-loss gimmicks didn't lead to the solution to the problem... but by getting off the beaten path that merely led to more of the same, it opened up the prospect of finding the truth about weight loss.

The result was a multi-year search through both the popular and medical literature, both Western and Eastern, to see what people really "knew" about fat loss. Then one day, like Archimedes of old, it happened. In a physiology textbook there it was: fat oxidizes into carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is the main product of fat cell oxidation. No weight loss book or lecture had ever said this... and the implications were dramatic. If the word "eureka" didn't pop out just then, it certainly hovered in the air!

In short order the important implications of this discovery started to pour forth. If fat oxidizes into carbon dioxide... then developing superior breathing, with the infusion of oxygen into all the body's cells would offer dramatic fat reduction results. Naturally. Just as nature always intended.

Jill experimented with different ways of fueling her body with the three essentials of human life - oxygen, food and water. She tried different ways of breathing... at different times. Result? She lost over 50 POUNDS in 6 MONTHS. A first. She'd never lost so much or felt so good. The methods worked. And they worked, too, through the challenge of her fourth pregnancy.

To millions of women, pregnancy often brings despair because of the weight gain and loss of body tone. She knew this well. It had happened to her before! But this time was different. Her new methods were effective and easy to maintain. Instead of being mimicked as she waddled along, her acquaintances were surprised that her healthy baby arrived at full term because she looked so small. Another important milestone.

For years and literally thousands of hours of research, Jill perfected her techniques and, at the urging of friends and family, began to share them through classes. The results she had already seen in her own life were now duplicated over and over again in the lives of others, all weary veterans of the endless war against chronic weight problems. And with results, grateful testimonials poured in. Here were methods that weren't based on special foods, deprivation, starvation, invasive pills and powders, or carefully measuring every bite, gadgets, machines, expensive regimes in special places wearing special clothes.

Here were methods that got rid of the fat naturally, kept if off, and produced dramatic health benefits. Here was the Oxycise! System... based on effectively using oxygen, which is available for free all around us, and which, as nature intended, is the crucial element for oxidizing fat and supporting each of us at our natural, productive body weight.

One Woman's Quest, A Lifetime of Benefits For Thousands

Jill Johnson loves the mountains of Colorado, and all the outdoor activities they offer. Now she snow skis expert terrain, mountain bikes, scuba dives, water-skis, windsurfs, and joins in major hikes - without any preconditioning besides Oxycise! Her health is as perfect as possible.

The chubby child, the overweight teenager, the prematurely matronly young woman in the size 16 pants are still there, of course, in memory. However, they have a different purpose now. First they remind Jill of how far she has come in her own life; more importantly, they enable her to empathize with the millions of people who are still trapped in their overweight prisons. She not only brings a message of hope, but also sound information to help people from all walks of life take off excess weight, keep it off, stay healthy and live the active, enjoyable lives we are all supposed to have.

One especially beautiful morning last year, she grabbed her teenage kids and picked a place on the map to go hiking. It turned out to be a fairly difficult 14-mile hike, but they had a wonderful time - the kind of day everyone remembers fondly because it is everything a day with the family is supposed to be. Returning to their car, they found two women walking fast, pumping their arms, puffing and not talking, never looking up, grumpy looks on their faces, obviously out to "exercise." Her son, Ryan, remarked, "It's too bad those ladies don't Oxycise! Then they could just come up to the mountains and enjoy themselves."

Exactly. Which is why Jill's quest continues.

Join Jill today and enjoy a lifetime of good health!

The Oxycise! techniques are also perfect for seniors and those with injuries or disabilities. Variant spellings -- oxycize, oxysize. For those seeking weight loss, Oxycise! is a safe, effective system. Please check with your physician before incorporating Oxycise! techniques.

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