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Oxycise! and Body Flex

We are frequently asked the question, "How does Oxycise! compare to Body Flex?" Though Greer Childers, promoter of Body Flex, bases her program around breathing, Oxycise! uses deep, quiet breathing techniques, rather than the loud, forced breathing as taught by Greer Childers in Bodyflex. This makes people feel more comfortable as they work out in their homes. Additionally, the positions in Oxycise! are safer and don't cause the lower back stress common in body flex exercise.

The positive results from Oxycise! are quantifiable. Read the dozens of success stories on our website of people who switched from bodyflex and noticed an immediate difference.

These comments are from people who have tried both programs:

"I love the Oxycise program. I find it much easier than the body flex program. On the body flex exercise I found my self coughing through the whole thing."

"I was already doing body flex, but wasn't seeing the results I had hoped for and also it was aggravating my back problems. Within seven weeks of Oxycise I reached my goal."  

"I've been using oxycise for 4 weeks and have tried the body flex exercise before too. I like them both, but oxycise is definitely my favorite."

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Here are some of the major differences we found between Oxycise! and Body Flex:

The Oxycise! System is very thorough in training you educationally and motivating you emotionally. In addition, Jill has spent over 2,000 hours researching and improving these powerful deep breathing exercises.  Oxycise! has also been studied and proven at major university studies, including the University of Southern California and the University of Colorado.

The Oxycise! Basic Breath utilizes powerful deep breathing exercises and delivers lots of oxygen, but is also gentle and quiet.  There is no harsh wheezing or noisy breathing like in Body Flex. (You don't have to hide in the bathroom to do it.)

No Empty Stomach Required
You do not need to have an empty stomach in order to Oxycise!  Hurray! No schedule problems!

Don't Hold Breath
With Oxycise! you do not hold your breath. Jill has explained why: 

"The goal is to increase your oxygen consumption. If you are holding your breath, that means you are not inhaling or exhaling -- hence your cells are basically put on hold. (You know what happens when you hold your breath for a couple of minutes -- all metabolism shuts down permanently.  And isn't the goal to increase metabolism?)

"There are some conditions like high blood pressure and glaucoma which can be aggravated by breath holding. It is also not healthy during pregnancy.  Oxycise! is a wonderful pregnancy exercise."

Personal Contact
You may always contact us if you have any questions -- either by phone, or email This is significant when compared to total lack of body flex support.

Methodical Approach
The Oxycise! videos are presented in a methodical approach to help you achieve fast weight loss success.

Fitness Lifestyle
Oxycise! is a lifestyle approach to fitness and healthy weight loss and has supplementary helps such as the audiotape "Commuter Routine" to help you take advantage of the dead time sitting in your car so you can optimize quick weight loss. You can also receive the "Fuel for Success" book (an optional part of the program) which helps you achieve healthy weight loss results as you nourish your body with oxygen-rich foods.

More Effective
The Oxycise! Basic Breath is not difficult, but takes a little practice to learn. What makes Oxycise! so effective is that you combine several steps at the same time -- deep breathing exercises, contraction of the abdominal muscles, plus various toning and strengthening body positions and stretching exercises. Once you learn to coordinate these actions it becomes like "second nature". The Oxycise! workout itself is relaxing, yet invigorating at the same time.

Why pay more when oxygen is FREE?  You can achieve great results with the Oxycise! Introductory set for only $29.95, yet body flex plus set costs $80 to $100 and leaves you with no body flex support.  No need to pay such a high price for body flex plus when Oxycise! teaches you everything you need at a fraction of the cost.

Keep Metabolism Revved Up
Oxycise! becomes a lifestyle. You will find yourself breathing better all day long and doing little "extras" while you're standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for software to load, sitting at a traffic light. This keeps your metabolism revved up all day, without taking any extra time from your schedule.

If you incorporate everything Jill has in print, you will never struggle with weight again. Everyone who follows the Oxycise! lifestyle achieves results. You can choose how precisely you want to follow the methods and principles. For example, last summer Jill received reports from 3 women who had all achieved different results -- and each of them had put different amounts of focus and care into their efforts. Within the 3 months, one lost 11 pounds, one lost 25 pounds, one lost 40 pounds! Each of them were excited, because they went at their own rate. The decision is up to you.

You have the power to master your body from the inside out. All it takes is following the right road map. Oxycise! is the right road map. It feels good, it makes sense, and it works!

All Oxycise! products are 100% guaranteed. You may return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Here are great objective reviews of Oxycise!, Body Flex, and Lifelift from outside sources:

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