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"I lost 131 pounds just by breathing!"
Oxycise! Deep Breathing Exercises Get Rid of Fat and Reduce Stress

Oxycise! is a new development in the field of weight loss and health which incorporates powerful

deep breathing exercises

ááá to increase metabolism and burn fat. The validity and success of this program is evident in the reports received almost daily from Oxycise! clients who are amazed with their results after following the Oxycise! healthy weight loss program.

Rather than starving with fast weight loss diets or seeking a quick weight loss center, you will learn diaphragmatic deep breathing exercises combined with flexing and contracting all muscle groups.  In essence, Oxycise!

deep breathing exercise

 incorporates a no-impact upper and lower body workout which only takes 15 minutes a day for incredible results, including fast weight loss and increased energy and strength.

In the Oxycise! Introduction and Basic Breath video, you will learn step-by-step the deep breathing exercises that have helped thousands achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

See what others are saying about Oxycise! deep breathing exercises

"I started at the end of February and have lost almost 20 pounds by now and have kept the weight off! (this NEVER happened before with other exercise) BUT there are so many other benefits of Oxycise and the deep breathing exercises that have kicked in...I've lost inches, have more energy, a MUCH better outlook on life, and as a side benefit that was a complete surprise -- my asthma is not nearly as bad as it used to be!"

     Lynn Young, Connecticut

"Your program has helped very much. If I find myself with mild asthma attacks, I use the Oxycise! deep breathing exercises, which I've found to help greatly."

     Pamela Bielefeld

"...I have had chronic bronchitis since the age of four. At least that is when it was diagnosed. Prior to that they thought I had cystic fibrosis. I have spent my entire life not being able to even do so much as walk up a flight of steps without going into a coughing fit let alone try a deep breathing exercise. I have severe scar tissue on the bottom lobes of my lungs and have been hospitalized several times for breathing difficulties. I must (and I mean as a medical necessity in life or death) see a respiratory therapist every three months. If my lungs deteriorate much further I will need a transplant. For years my therapist has been prescribing a regimen of deep breathing exercises that are similar to the one used in Oxycise! The one she recommended included taking a deep breath and then sniffing in air. There was no pelvic tilt or pulling in of the stomach. Also there was a long slow exhale. I never did these exercises because they caused me to cough and I just plain felt stupid.

"Too late to make a long story short, I ordered the Oxycise! tapes to keep me company while I did the deep breathing exercises my therapist recommended. I switched to Jill's method but without the gusto after the first day. Just yesterday, [my boyfriend] and I climbed the Cape May lighthouse -- all 100+ steps. I only had to stop twice.

"For me Oxycise! has been a miracle. I can't wait to see my therapist and show her how well I am doing."

     Tracie, Pennsylvania

"Just thought that I would tell you that I quit smoking for good because the deep breathing exercises have taken the place of the smoke that used to fill my precious lungs. I have absolutely no desire to pick up this filthy habit again.  Also, the Oxycise! deep breathing exercises have caused my lungs to throw off the residual tar and although I cough up this phlegm from time to time, I thank God that my lungs are correcting the damage I have done for so many years. Also, I am able to hold notes longer when I sing.  THIS OXYCISE! IS GREAT.
Thank you so much."

"Now I know I am benefiting from Oxycise! Last year I visited my son and his family in Salt Lake City. We had to walk in the cold about two blocks, and when we reached our destination, I had to sit down, I was wheezing so badly. In fact my daughter-in-law said she had noticed that I was wheezing even when resting at the house. I started Oxycise! deep breathing exercise and I have seen many benefits. I went to Salt Lake City this Christmas, and we did a lot of walking outside in the cold air. Not a wheeze could be heard. I know the deep breathing exercises have helped my lungs."

Lorraine Strohacker, age 81, Hot Springs, Arkansas

The Oxycise! techniques are also perfect for seniors and those with injuries or disabilities. Variant spellings -- oxycize, oxysize. For those seeking weight loss, Oxycise! is a safe, effective system. Please check with your physician before incorporating Oxycise! techniques.

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