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Double Chin Exercises
The Oxycise! Way


How about this for a face toning!

Read Shaun Zimmerman's amazing journey
and see more photos

In 6 months!

Order double chin exercises now!

Two isn't always better than one...

If you've wondered how to

get rid of a double chin

, or bought gadgets advertised for double chin exercises, then you're going to love how toned and tightened your face and neck become by doing the simple Oxycise! breathing exercises. 

"My neck is smooth and there is NO double chin! I know these exercises work and will do them forever!"

That's right -- regardless of which Oxycise! video or DVD workout you choose, your face will tone and tighten along with the rest of your body.  Here's why -- As you do the powerful breathing exercises, your cheeks and chin will achieve wonderful shape and contour like you've never seen before.  We're not kidding when we say Oxycise! is a FULL body workout.

Check out the results below!

"What I noticed right away was that I felt good after doing it...more alive, more energetic, even younger! And then, after only a week or two, I noticed that my double chin was diminishing. This was awesome! Up until then I thought an extra chin wasn't "reduce-able" or I'd need some strange double chin exercise.   Not long after that, I ran into a few friends and they couldn't stop exclaiming about how much weight I'd lost...Little did they know, I had actually gained 5 pounds since they'd last seen me! (Remember all the whining I did about those 5 pounds?!?!?) I think I looked thinner because my face and chin were toning up (or down!)"

Vivian Jordan

"I lost 5 pounds and 2" off my hips, 1" off each thigh, 2" off my waist and my
stomach is much flatter. Now for the REALLY GREAT NEWS!! My skin looks
clearer and rosy. The skin on my neck looks better than it has in 5 years. My
husband told me he 'didn't know what I was doing but I should keep it up'. I have
every exercise machine and video tape that has come out in the last 10 years.
Nothing ever worked and some caused me injury. This WORKS!!! It is also
something I can do anywhere.

"I was planning on having Liposuction on my hips and thighs. I have been saving
for about a year to have plastic surgery. But, now I have all of the cash I've saved
and a new body.


"Oxycise! has totally changed my life in the past year.  I went from a dumpy,
middle-age woman to a new woman who has regained the hour-glass figure!!! 
I cannot say enough good things about Oxycise!!   My face and neck have also
from the double chin exercises and oxygen intake.  My skin now glows with good
health and my turkey neck is nonexistent now.  I could go on and on."

Theresa Kay Smith,
age 50

"My family had pictures done last week and I'm really pleased with how I looked.  My hereditary Italian double chin (any other Delfino's out there will know what I mean!) is shrinking!"

Shannon Howlett

"my double chin is going down."

Joan Schofield

"My friends have noticed that there is something different about my face."

Vi Carr,
62 years old

"I'm 53 years old. I used to look in the mirror and my face looked so tired. Before
I found Oxycise!  I was thinking about getting a facelift (for $8000). Now my eyes
look brighter and my skin is more toned up. My chin is smoothing out too."

Jean Saba

"My arms and thighs are becoming so toned and my face.... you can actually
see definition now"


"...over the course of this weekend I found myself touching my face, and it
FELT smaller! I feel contour and more chin (i.e., less double chin, which I've
had my whole life even when I was thin.)"


"I have always had trouble with acne, since my high school days. My skin is
clearer now. I have even noticed that the whites of my eyes look whiter. I feel
more healthy now than I have ever felt with ANY exercise I have done in the

Leslie Perry

"I actually DO notice the change in my lower face area (it's leaner giving me
more of an oval facial shape as opposed to the round one I attained from


"Since starting Oxycise! I have definitely noticed a vast improvement in my energy level throughout the day.... I do notice that my pants are fitting a little better and my face looks GREAT!  I'm losing that double chin that I hate so much.  I couldn't ask for more. I have tried everything to try to lose weight.  I believe this could be the answer..."

"Isn't Oxycise wonderful and cheap?? If a person wanted to get a facelift,
all they would have to do is Oxycise!
  I have noticed how tight my face and
neck are, just by oxycising. Talk about staying looking youthful...this is the

Lynnda Coyle

"The guys I work with used to call me 'Telly Tubby' but now they hold doors
open for me and make sure I rest and put my feet up. My double chin has
and I now have cheek bones. As a teen I had cheek bones but
I lost them in my mid 20's and have only just found them again."

Jo Gardner
New Zealand

Date: April 05, 1999
Author: Carlene Rae Dater
Subject: No more double chin

Hi - I started doing O level one about three weeks ago. I did the level 1
for two weeks and now have being doing level two for one week. I haven't
lost any weight but my pants are looser but the best part is my face! I was
beginning to have a little pad of fat under my jaw and my neck was getting
wrinkled (I'll be 58 in three weeks - eek!). Well, my neck is smooth and
there is NO double chin!
I know these exercises work and will do them
forever! I am so much more limber and have a lot of energy. I've started
back to walking (currently at four 15 minutes a week) and have added light
weights a few days a week. I'm so healthy it's disgusting and I love it!
Julie - 15 minutes a day! Come on, just do it.


Date: July 19, 2000 10:43 PM
Author: Michelle B.
Subject: Change is good....

I just had to tell somebody....:) I have been O'ing for about a week now ...rededicated myself to it after a very long hiatus. I have absolutely been noticing subtle changes... double chin almost gone, sides smoothing out, thighs have a little less friction when I walk, stomach feeling a little flatter, bust (one of the places I gain weight) getting smaller such that my bra is fitting differently. I was writing something today and my triceps were actually sore. I can't believe that I began noticing these things after only three days.

Author:  Lisa
Subject: I love the smile!

Of course the decision is up to each individual, to smile or not to smile, but within two days - no joke - my face is the first place I noticed firming when I first started O! last year.  And even though I haven't been very consistent with the program, my face has retained the good changes - my double chin, which I have had since birth and even when I'm skinny, tightens up and appears smaller, in addition to noticeable definition in the cheekbones and making my eyes big and bright!  Don't know why or how it works, but I wouldn't give up the smile.  (Plus, I heard recently that if you're feeling sad or mad or upset, even if you don't feel like it, force yourself to smile - that smiling action alone is said to get the "happy chemicals"--I don't know the real term--to start flowing through your body, which results in actually feeling happier!  The smile is the jump start to feeling better, I guess!)

"...I have been doing [Oxycise!] for 6 weeks now and I have lost 7 pounds and 8 inches.  I am a retired nurse and went to a dinner last week for a colleague who is transferring.  Well I haven't had so many compliments in a long time. 'How wonderful you look!' The biggest comment was that my face looked so good I am sure it was the toning. I am convinced."


"...The loss has been gradual for me, and I am thankful for that because I feel that my body is adjusting without being shocked.  It feels great to have your clothes fitting looser, and your face looking younger!"

"In the past 6 weeks, there have been very frustrating times, when it appeared that there was no progress, and then suddenly, one day, poof!  you make large strides all at once!  What gratification!  This program really works if you do it properly, commit to it, stick with it, and keep eating healthy foods."


"...I am actually starting to see some fat loss now.  The most dramatic places are my face and stomach..."

Shaunya Ishmael

Date: August 12, 2000
Author: Chris
Subject: facial changes

Hi Everyone, I have been doing Oxycise every day now for two weeks and didn't have a change in measurements yet; but, I went to work today and saw someone whom I haven't seen for two weeks and she wanted to know what I have been doing--that I looked slimmer in my face and tighter somehow. What a great surprise. I love the way O! makes me feel and sometimes fit it in twice a day. I couldn't believe what an effect it had on my muscles. I had been doing kickboxing every other day and aerobics and yoga on the alternate days everyday(but 8) since the beginning of May. So when I starting Oxycising, I was shocked that my muscles felt a bit sore the next day. I would have guessed that it would have taken more than 15 min of
breathing to get such results.


The Oxycise! techniques are also perfect for seniors and those with injuries or disabilities. Variant spellings -- oxycize, oxysize. For those seeking weight loss, Oxycise! is a safe, effective system. Please check with your physician before incorporating Oxycise! techniques.

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